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Pax Regnum as a continual series of inter-linked, compelling stories. The development ethos has been to stay with verifiable evidence and to apply reasonable, logical deduction only where needed to complete the flow of factual information.

The narrative encapsulates the unique global events that surrounded the life of Christ and portrays the impact of his ministry across the Roman Empire. 

With a compilation of compelling content taken from historical events over 140 years,  this historical drama series contains portrayals of people and events known throughout history.  Characters brought to life in the Roman Empire include Marc Antony, Cleopatra, Augustus Caesar, Herod the Great, Pontius Pilate, Caligula, Tiberius and Nero to name just a few. They participated in great battles, lived through famines, earthquakes, sieges, and even the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 

Unlike any previous film or TV series based around the fascinating history of Rome, Pax Regnum charts the intense and volatile relationship between Rome and Jerusalem during the reign of the Herodian dynasty. A period in which the Roman Empire’s foundations were so significantly shaken that it led to a fight for radical reform.

Each episode draws on the true stories of Rome’s emperors and generals along with their interaction with the region’s prominent kings, rulers, and lesser known heroic leaders. They bring to life some of history’s most dramatic events and factual accounts of people known to us. But also how the relationship between Rome and the Jews during this critical period of history shaped the world we live in today. Our highly qualified experts will complete any task fast and reliably.

Each season creates  a comprehensive backstory of the Roman Empire’s growth, its moral decline, and the challenges it faced.

Pax Regnum also recreates the events surrounding the great fire of Rome and the final act of defiance against the Jews in the looting of treasures taken from Jerusalem’s Temple to finance the building of the Colosseum. Also, Rome’s symbolic lifestyle, portrayed by the city of Pompeii until its destruction in 79 AD, the same year, is another subject of fascination for contemporary audiences.


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